PalFlowControl - Wireless Flow and Overfill Control

PalFlowControl system is latest hardware addition that allows overfill protection using a wireless probe sensor, radio with range up to 0.5Mile or about 1Km, and relay with 32 lines/valve control system using 12-24V system.  Various configurations and options with single and multi float probes, wake up on demand reporting and much more are some of the scenarios possible. Extreme low power use on the wireless float probe, 2 batteries provide 5-8 years of run time under most common scenarios.  Possible to pair up to 256 devices on a single base station to monitor up to 256 wireless probes on tanks, storage containers etc.  Easily adaptable to monitor open/close of gates, and other security and automation scenarios.

Example of Deployments/Solutions Supported include, but are not limited to:

  • Overfill Protection on Continuous Loading Systems
  • Multi Float Probe - wake up and report levels on tanks, and storage vessels
  • Level of product in tank, relative values 0, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% or as desired
  • Open/Close monitor for control and automation with wireless notification with probe

How do they work

Each wireless monitor can communicate with the PalThree hub via RF wireless protocol in the ISM band. Distances of wireless depends on environment, open spaces, good antenna will provide 0.5Mile (1Km) range, or less in areas of heavy buildings, metal machinery etc.


PalOne Sensor Gateway Connections

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