Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

Our fuel tank level measurement and monitoring solution provides accurate readings for liquid fuel storage tanks above or underground. Its enclosure is solar powered, off the grid weatherproof, made from non-corrosive materials, making it suitable for various liquid measuring applications. The Fuel Monitoring series solution includes satellite and/or cellular communication without the need for additional communication hardware and gateways.

The default configuration is one unit per tank, but our solution supports up to 3 local tanks to be monitored with a single box for the wired solution, and up to 48 wirelessly on a single site.

The entire system is a solar charged, off the grid battery-powered device, but can also run with external power which can be provided where power is available or a as a backup.

Typical Applications

  • Mobile Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Jet A fuel storage tanks
  • Worksite Fuel Tanks

Some examples of installations and hardware required.

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