PalThree - Azure IoT Certified Gateway & Edge Point

PalThree device, is our newest Internet of Things (IoT) Azure IoT Certified hardware which allows collection and aggregation of data from a sensory infrastructure, and various edge device inputs to take it to our telemetry portal and the cloud. We offer the best of both worlds, use existing infrastructure and connect it to the cloud, or mix existing and new sensors and inputs. Get more from your processes and data by collecting, visualizing and analyzing your data on many devices in the cloud.

Hardware based on STM32 ARM 4 and ARM 7, and comes in two flavors with STM32F469x and STM32F769x MCU's, with 1MB SDRAM on board, SPI and QSPI flash and more. It supports end user wake up button/inputs from stand by power mode to allow easy end user interaction with device while in stand by.

Software development using Visual Studio 2017,2019 or 2022, using the fantastic nanoFramework .NET for STM32, an open source platform available for customization on GitHub. Other frameworks and options are available as well.

Sensor Protocols and Features include, but are not limited to:

  • RS 485/Modbus
  • TTL Serial
  • 4-20mA
  • Flow Meters/Pulse Counts
  • On Board Relay
  • Ultra Low Power Modes
  • RTC On Board
  • USB File System
  • SD Card/File System
  • Flash File System on Board (16MB)
  • Direct GPIO for analog and digital input in the 3.3/5V
  • Expansion Slots for Modules and Add Ons
  • Communication via Ethernet, Cellular and Satellite
  • Skywire slots for Embedded Modems

Azure IoT Hub and Service Bus Getting Started

To get started with Azure IoT, grab the Azure IoT App from GitHub, and within minutes you can have your device connected to the cloud to send and receive data and messages.

PalThree Azure Sphere IoT Sensor Gateway Connections

Built In Solar Power In Enclosure Lid, IP68 Water,Weather and Dust Proof Unit

PalOne Sensor Gateway Connections

How it works

Decide what inputs and metrics you want to collect, store and analyze. Next, determine hardware needs, use of new and existing hardware. Finally, decide on internet and network connectivity.

1. Inputs and Metrics 2. Hardware Needs New/Existing or Mix    3. Network and Store Cloud or Company

PalOne Sensor Gateway Connections

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