Tank Level Monitoring, Control Van Data & GPS Tracking

ISO Tank Level and GPS

At OrgPal, we create and provide the most advanced tank level real time monitoring and sensing solutions available. Our power independent solar powered and satellite based solution offers the widest ranges of installation options, ultrasonic probes with standard and chemical resistance options (PVDF, PTFE), combined with real time quantity and GPS monitoring with cloud data logging and management.
We are using the latest advanced sensor technology, to offer the best solution specifically designed to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements for industrial and hazardous environments where monitoring is desired.

Cloud based dashboard and visualization platform, supported across computers, tablets and mobile devices for a most modern functionality. API integration is available for custom integration in your business system.

Control Van Data Stream and Stage Runs

The uses of this are many:

  • provide local data mirrored to screens, computers etc.
  • setup multiple screens/display from a single box (like a box inside a truck to read the box on the ISO)
  • allow frac stage tracking of product at timed intervals
  • collect data from many boxes into a single place for processing
  • multiple field boxes report to a single box - to process, report to cloud etc.

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