Field-Service Technology Evolution

At OrgPal we focus on specialized Internet of Things (IOT) hardware and software solutions taking your field-services and customer data via telemetry for storage, analysis and management in the cloud or your private enterprise. We provide edge end points hardware and the information gateway infrastructure, that brings your data at your fingertips, on desktop, server and mobile devices.

Check out PalThree, our newest Azure IoT Certified edge point and gateway all in one hardware software solution.

Our solutions help you to take the next step in boosting productivity and growing revenue. We provide the field-service technology stack which is a great enabler for your business and operations. We enable automation of basic processes and routines, as well as analytics which provide new insight into business operations including real-time performance dashboards and resource-forecasting tools.


OrgPal technologies provide maximum robustness and functionality to meet the most chalenging customer requirements for all types of scenarios.

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The OrgPal flexible architecture allows you to add new functionality in the form of modules, or you can extend capabilities yourself.

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Unlike other telemetry solutions, OrgPal has the ability to grow with evolving telemetry challenges providing the security of scalability for future challenges.

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Complete Solution

OrgPal Remote Telemetry solutions provide a complete package from initial concept to final deployment and monitoring. Our platform delivers a complete, integrated cloud based solution.

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